Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Part 3

OK ... Now where was I? So I was now at 128.8 and stuck there... then I was watching Dr Oz and I learned about chia seeds! So I got some and they were added to my morning smoothie! I did this for a few months and saw my weight drop again... slowly down to 122 over the next several months.  I'm still on the chia seed regimen. Then back up to Mi for my appointment last Sept. and I broke the 119lbs bracket... so I pretty much have brought you up to date on my weight problem... and how I handled it.. So if you think there is no hope wrong.. this is just another tool for you to have your Dr do what mine did.

Of course I have started my exercise with a weights program. I use 3 lb weights... 1 for each hand. I walk my cats outside or use my ellipticale machine when I want to exercise but not go for a walk... I also now have a meal of protein in the morning.. I like omelets. so that's perfect... but only on the weekends... cause hubby does the cooking and that's when he has the time.. otherwise I have chicken to munch on in the fridge... also I keep a supply of peanuts and almonds to help me when I need a pick me up... 6 8 tiny meals a day... may only be nuts but I count that as a tiny meal. With all the changes I've made to my diet I feel like I've made big progress. I learned about GMOs also and the havoc they play with your body... and digestive system... I have replaced my scoops tostatios with a product I found at the health food store but found it at the reg grocery stores also... Labeled non gmo! Brand name is Garden of Eatin! corn chips... I love these... I cut out all candy except I can have some just not any more than a few pieces... not sit and eat the whole bag... My dad passed away 10 yrs ago and he stopped eating and I realized then that we as a nation have been eating way to much... so.... I eat to live now not live to eat. I found that when you eliminate the stress in your life you will also feel better. Stress is a cause for alot of the problems we have. I also dearly love
Suzanne  Somers and her advise on hormones is spot on...  Jamie Lee Curtis and her advise is spot on also about digestive health.

These are some of my tips and tricks that worked for me. I can't say they will work for you but they did work for me and I'm not stopping! If you have any questions please let me know and I'll try to answer them. 50 pounds is 50 pounds and I took it off without any diets! Now I'm working on trying to get off the armour thyroid and Dhea... but time will tell about that happening! Thank goodness these are not through my insurance... they are needed but I have hopes of getting off them. I was also, up north on allergy shots... which I have not had a one shot of since moving down here... another little success! Still trying to wrap my head around the foods to eat to help take me off of any medications.... I do believe in supplements though.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Part 2

Weird I can't figure out how to add pictures... I used to be able to do that but not now!

I have to use picasa! and have only limited photos on that one... darn! ;-)

So getting back to my story. When we got down here to SC I had lost about 10 lbs. Like I said it wasn't much but it was a welcome site to see the scale actually go down again. I  was happy... ;-)running boxes of stuff to the right room and putting stuff away... we were still getting furniture here as we sold most...  I was noticing my clothes were feeling a bit larger... I was into size 12 when this all started... back about 4 yrs before. but... the previous spring I went on a spending spree and bought some new clothes..... size 10 and a few 12s... mostly 10s though.... by the time I went up to see my Dr. I was down another approx 10 lbs... so now I'd a been down to 148. Remember I was all the way up to 168.  He adjusted my med for new scripts... and about that time they the compounding company raised their prices... not covered by prescription... so I asked him if I could get it anywhere else.. cause I could actually get it over the counter... he said he didn't want me taking over the counter  because it was not stable enough! ;-) OK! so he told me where to get them on line... so I went on line and got them for 4 bottles for 40 bucks plus shipping... I thought I'd won the lottery! YaY!!! I fit right into my size 10s comfortably... yay!

So I started to put the 12s away... in a box...away...way away! Then eventually I donated them... after I felt sure enough that I would not be needing them any more.

Hubby has always cooked great meals! I'm spoiled!.... yup nothing like being spoiled...... now is there!;-)  With my smoothies in the morning ... makes about 2 16 oz glasses full! I use all kinds of great fruit and I have this every day. I also stopped eating a lot of the junk food stuff... chocolate and breads and potatoes... etc... or if I had any it was just a taste and more veges... so my eating habits changed big time... but not really... if that makes any sense. I know hubby didn't change his cooking so it was me that changed... instead of eating junk food for me... I must say everybodies is different... but I decided to listen to everything food related and medical related I could. I experimented with stopping all my supplements and adding some back...with help of dr! And back and forth to Mi, I would go to see my dr., and I was making some great progress over the last 6 months... He was testing my blood for any signs that I needed the levels cut back or added to... anyhow... It didn't seem necessary so nothing changed. It seemed I'd reached a plateau... and couldn't drop any more weight!

Getting tired now.... so I'll be back tororrow!;-)

Monday, January 7, 2013

My Success

I wanted to start this blog again as we have move to South Carolina a few yrs ago. I dropped 50 pounds and I feel wonderful! I want to find some before and now pictures... stunning!

I'd like to tell you about how I did this and I did it without any diets! Yep I started out at a skinny girl and was under 118lb and in about 10 yrs I got so big....168 lbs...yes you read that right... I put on 50 lbs and could not get rid of it!  My dr told me I was eating too much and not exercising...he was wrong, as I was walking all over and I was eating just about nothing. ...I had asked him to do the complete thyroid test and he said Nope... My sister had that test done and it was a waste of money! I am not his sister and who knows... I even had ins to cover it. So I did what most people would do........Found myself a different doc. I'll be back to finish this later.
Back now...
First I was told by my girl friends that they were worried about me putting 3lbs on each time I turned around... since nothing was working and I was doing landscaping maintenance at the time as my work... plus walking all over the city! riding my bike and just everything that should have had my body working...I resorted to the attitude that since I'm destined to be heavy on a short body... I will eat what ever I want...  I even was this heavy for my 45th class reunion. I was getting to be so depressed that I was not seeing any results that I needed something different to do. So when my
hubby said hey why don't you go see my Dr. I jumped on it!  He is a Dr at MSU.... Mi State University.... and he specializes in hormones. I told him how pissed I was at the previous Dr's attitude... He said not only are we going to run a complete thyroid test but a complete hormone test also. and so off to get the blood work done... and then back several weeks later to see my new Dr. and get the results of the blood work. Well I was stoked cause I was going to get results, not just you need to eat less and workout more.... yup... results... so the day comes and I go into the office. He goes over my blood work with me and says things are not right with my hormones... Oh dear... I said. He said yes your hormones are just about gone... what! I said... he explained that I had the hormone level of a 96 yr old woman. Yikes!!!!! no wonder I was feeling so bad for the last more than 7 ys.... yikes...

Dr said we can turn this around... OK what do I need to do? He said I need to take a Hormone... the DHEA is what I have to take and he started me out on a compounded one... I took it and went back several weeks later. He asked me how do I feel I said no different! So he said Now I want to add the Armour Thyroid... I said to him I thought you said my thyroid was fine. He said Humor  me... what! so he explained that he wanted to see if that made any difference to how I felt. So I got that filled and started that.... both were low doses... we had to work for several yrs to get to where I am now.... but let me continue.

I also started to take Vitamin D3.  and a few other vitamins and supplements. Can't remember now what else. My niece was starting to get her degree/accreditation for Homeopathic med. so I would run stuff by her and get her response to what I would hear.

When I went back to see my Dr a few months later when he asked how was I feeling I could tell that I was starting to feel a bit better.  so he adjusted my doses... and sent me off again. This kind of thing went on for about 3-4 yrs. and finally after finding out hubby was retiring and we were moving out of state. Dr said at my last visit while living in Mi... to get my dosage doubled. So off I went to get the scripts and start out again.

The time was going by fast as I was empting out a home that we had for 45 yrs... so loading a pod and getting rid of stuff! which was hard to let go of. and selling stuff which we knew we didn't need any more. All this stuff and then the loading of the truck and getting rid of all metal stuff... boy what a job. Sold the house and Hubby retired and we moved. I was taking a doubled perscription... and decided to go back up to Mi to continue to see my dr. He's worth it! So anyway... we moved.... then after we unloaded to car, the truck, the rental truck and the pod hubby hurt his back. Not only did he hurt it he was out of comission for the remaining several months.  While I was left with organizing a home and getting all the boxes from the packed garage up 1 and 2 flights of stairs... Up till this time I was losing weight but I was slow going 2-3 pounds every 6 months maybe...longer... mostly longer...Who am I kidding... It was enough to keep me going... but.....I should also mention that I started doing a smoothie every morning 1/2 hr after I take my meds... from the time that Dr started me on meds.
Stay tuned for the next part tomorrow!