Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Part 2

Weird I can't figure out how to add pictures... I used to be able to do that but not now!

I have to use picasa! and have only limited photos on that one... darn! ;-)

So getting back to my story. When we got down here to SC I had lost about 10 lbs. Like I said it wasn't much but it was a welcome site to see the scale actually go down again. I  was happy... ;-)running boxes of stuff to the right room and putting stuff away... we were still getting furniture here as we sold most...  I was noticing my clothes were feeling a bit larger... I was into size 12 when this all started... back about 4 yrs before. but... the previous spring I went on a spending spree and bought some new clothes..... size 10 and a few 12s... mostly 10s though.... by the time I went up to see my Dr. I was down another approx 10 lbs... so now I'd a been down to 148. Remember I was all the way up to 168.  He adjusted my med for new scripts... and about that time they the compounding company raised their prices... not covered by prescription... so I asked him if I could get it anywhere else.. cause I could actually get it over the counter... he said he didn't want me taking over the counter  because it was not stable enough! ;-) OK! so he told me where to get them on line... so I went on line and got them for 4 bottles for 40 bucks plus shipping... I thought I'd won the lottery! YaY!!! I fit right into my size 10s comfortably... yay!

So I started to put the 12s away... in a box...away...way away! Then eventually I donated them... after I felt sure enough that I would not be needing them any more.

Hubby has always cooked great meals ....so! I'm spoiled!.... yup nothing like being spoiled...... now is there!;-)  With my smoothies in the morning ... makes about 2 16 oz glasses full! I use all kinds of great fruit and I have this every day. I also stopped eating a lot of the junk food stuff... chocolate and breads and potatoes... etc... or if I had any it was just a taste and more veges... so my eating habits changed big time... but not really... if that makes any sense. I know hubby didn't change his cooking so it was me that changed... instead of eating junk food for me... I must say everybodies is different... but I decided to listen to everything food related and medical related I could. I experimented with stopping all my supplements and adding some back...with help of dr! And back and forth to Mi, I would go to see my dr., and I was making some great progress over the last 6 months... He was testing my blood for any signs that I needed the levels cut back or added to... anyhow... It didn't seem necessary so nothing changed. It seemed I'd reached a plateau... and couldn't drop any more weight!

Getting tired now.... so I'll be back tororrow!;-)

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