Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Part 3

OK ... Now where was I? So I was now at 128.8 and stuck there... then I was watching Dr Oz and I learned about chia seeds! So I got some and they were added to my morning smoothie! I did this for a few months and saw my weight drop again... slowly down to 122 over the next several months.  I'm still on the chia seed regimen. Then back up to Mi for my appointment last Sept. and I broke the 119lbs bracket... so I pretty much have brought you up to date on my weight problem... and how I handled it.. So if you think there is no hope wrong.. this is just another tool for you to have your Dr do what mine did.

Of course I have started my exercise with a weights program. I use 3 lb weights... 1 for each hand. I walk my cats outside or use my ellipticale machine when I want to exercise but not go for a walk... I also now have a meal of protein in the morning.. I like omelets. so that's perfect... but only on the weekends... cause hubby does the cooking and that's when he has the time.. otherwise I have chicken to munch on in the fridge... also I keep a supply of peanuts and almonds to help me when I need a pick me up... 6 8 tiny meals a day... may only be nuts but I count that as a tiny meal. With all the changes I've made to my diet I feel like I've made big progress. I learned about GMOs also and the havoc they play with your body... and digestive system... I have replaced my scoops tostatios with a product I found at the health food store but found it at the reg grocery stores also... Labeled non gmo! Brand name is Garden of Eatin! corn chips... I love these... I cut out all candy except I can have some just not any more than a few pieces... not sit and eat the whole bag... My dad passed away 10 yrs ago and he stopped eating and I realized then that we as a nation have been eating way to much... so.... I eat to live now not live to eat. I found that when you eliminate the stress in your life you will also feel better. Stress is a cause for alot of the problems we have. I also dearly love
Suzanne  Somers and her advise on hormones is spot on...  Jamie Lee Curtis and her advise is spot on also about digestive health.

These are some of my tips and tricks that worked for me. I can't say they will work for you but they did work for me and I'm not stopping! If you have any questions please let me know and I'll try to answer them. 50 pounds is 50 pounds and I took it off without any diets! Now I'm working on trying to get off the armour thyroid and Dhea... but time will tell about that happening! Thank goodness these are not through my insurance... they are needed but I have hopes of getting off them. I was also, up north on allergy shots... which I have not had a one shot of since moving down here... another little success! Still trying to wrap my head around the foods to eat to help take me off of any medications.... I do believe in supplements though.

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